How Much Do Golden Hamsters Cost At Petsmart Or Pet-co?


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Petco is the better place to get a hamster. Most people I have spoken to said their Petsmart hamster died soon after buying it. I have bought several Petco hamsters whom were healthy and happy! Though it's best to get them from local breeders they are sometimes hard to come across. Petco sells hamsters around $10 each though sometimes they have special sales and lower the price to about $7 or $8. My last hamster was only $5 because he was already 4 months old and was a "fighter" with the other hamsters with a small scar on his side. He's a sweetheart though. Be sure before you buy a hamster to look at their eyes to be sure they are bright. Be sure the coat looks smooth and clean, and be sure their tail (butt) doesn't look wet (this could be wet tail disease). And one last thing. Go later when you look for a hamster! Around 7 or later preferably. This is when the hamsters are awake! If you go earlier they will be asleep as they are nocturnal. Try to pick a lively one. I normally let the hamster "pick me" and wait for which one seems the most interested in me from outside the cage : )

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