How Much Does Ferret Cost At Pet-co?


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The ones that I just got were 130.00

the day after though, they went on sale for 99.00

But you also need to get food, food bowls, toys, litter box litter..ect.

when the ferret was 130.00
I just bought one, and then with all the supplies I got to the check out and it was 240.00
and that is not including the cage, I already had one.

I'd have at least three hundred dollars, before buying a ferret.
And ferrets ALWAYS need a friend,
they get depressed when there alone.
So I'd plan on getting two.
So you would need about four hundred dollars, actually.

They get pricey.
But are for sure, worth it!!!
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Ferrets normally cost around $100 or more
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They cost 120.00
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In our area they cost around $120.00. They are usually spay or neutered and should have their first set of shots. I'm not sure if the cost varies in different parts of the country or not.
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Usually around $120.
Have you considered adopting a ferret? Most of the time it's cheaper and the fuzzies have already had some basic training.

You'll definitely want to keep some extra cash on the side in case of fuzzy emergencies.
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I'm getting 2 this week end and were are going to the petco in Taunton how much do you think they cost there?

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