I want my cat back='( i lost it and i dont know where to start on looking for it. Any ideas?=(


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Put posters of your cats picture and the headline will be LOST PLEASE HELP and then some information of your cat and you could write a reward for the person who finds the cat can get like 100 pounds or something or more :P
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Posters in local shops, through neighbours doors,notice  in your local paper. A letter to your local paper. Notices in all the vets. Arounf you. Go looking around where you live. Has it been neutered? Was it a male or a female. Is it microchipped. Scan columns in paper of lost and FOUND cats. Ask around your neighbourhood if people have noticed anything these last 2 weeks ie a car accident and /or seen a cats body. Ask the children around you they may hnow of another child who has spoke of it. Ask your local school headmaster to ask in assembly if anyone knows anything. Run out of ideas there. Oh. Search the inter found cat columne and vets found cats books. Plus all your local cat rescues or rspca homes.
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With a bit of luck it will come home or someone will find it, all you can do is let everyone know that it has gone missing. Good luck I hope you find it.
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The best advice I can give is don't stop looking...no kill cat shelters..
Also start at the pound..call them and go there..get a picture of your cat, post notes in the neighborhood..say with reward..$$$..that gets peoples attention.
I can tell you from experience..I lost my cat for 11 months..she ran out when my brother was watching her, cause the dog scared her and he couldnt find her... She was very friendly almost too friendly she would go up to anyone so I was convinced she was catnapped.. We posted notes all in the neighbor hood and I looked at the pound every week and could not find her..I ended up finding a cat shelter down the street from my house they had her for 10 months. She was almost recognizable she had mange and they could not tell me what had happen but,,she was found..
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My cat was gone for 3 weeks - I was going crazy with worry. Then one night I heard his meowing outside the window-it was him. My vet said cats that aren't fixed will roam for miles establishing territories and looking for mates. We had him fixed and he hasn't left our block in 2 years and comes home every night. He kills mice, moles and birds so being fixed didn't make him lazy and he still protects his territory which got a whole lot smaller but the front porch is all his - no other cat dares to come on it. Your cat will come home when he is ready - I'm sure of it.
Put his favor cat food outside hell comeback
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In the washing machine
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Lexi commented
It cant be thre. All of the neighbours gardens have high fences.
aSISA commented
Cats can jump 2 meters high,
Lexi commented
Exactly. So it wont be there. Use your common sense birdbrain.
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Where did you loose it ?? Post posters around that area and ask around!!!
This is your 4'th cat? What happened to the rest of them ? ):
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Put up posters of her around your neighborhood. Try to remember if your cat had any favorite outdoor spots, and look there. Leave her favorite food around your house and check often to see if she's there. Good luck :(
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Try banging his food bowl outside...he might come
put up posters.,ask neighbours,shout his name and good luck
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I lost my cat last year. I looked all over for him. Recentally I have see a cat with the same hair as my old cat.Bigger of course. If you have more than one cat he might just of wanted to go be an only child/
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Awww your so adorable =)...imagine you were sophie...where would you hide ;)...appart from newcastle =P

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