I want to be swallowed by a snake that any of you people have. I am 13 and weigh 138. I live in Edgewood so you're gonna have to be near. I'm really serious - I would love to be food for your big snake?


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Taylor Whitt answered
I have a pet snake that can eat come by my house around 5 pm?
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cool dude , snake food , answered

Just buy a snake and follow the instructions under this

1 Put salt all over your body

2 Get the snake to start swollowing you from your head

3 When gets to the point where your feet are dangling out of is mouth let it eat your TOES


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Tannis Mitchell answered
Sure, If you want to die a painful death >_< ...No seriously, why would you want that?I don't no if thats a childhood dream or your really serious...
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Kaitlin Bleh answered
Who... Where.... How do you come up with something like that??? You can't be serious...
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Humans arent good for snakes and a snake that need to eat your would need to be at least 20ft and snakes that big r only in zoos so your s,o.l
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Well, let's put it this way, a bow constrictor, which I think is the hugest snake ever, would crush your lungs by squezzing you to death, then eat you. Could you bare that?

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