Has A Snake Ever Eaten A Human Whole?


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I don't know of a particular case where it has happened, but it certainly could. The largest anacondas and pythons certainly have the size (30 ft. Long and over 200 lbs.) and ability to kill and eat a human whole. I have heard of such, and know of several cases of these massive snakes killing people to eat them, but for one reason or another didn't get to finish the task ...usually due to intervention from other humans. Certainly people have disappeared in regions where these snakes exist and being eaten by one is a real possibility. I wouldn't be at all surprized to learn of a case where the human was, indeed eaten. I have seen them swallow gators, antelope, deer, etc. I've even heard of one case of such a snake eating a jaguar, which is certainly as large as a human are some of the aforementioned animals. All snakes, not just constrictors, eat their prey whole. They don't have adequate teeth for chewing, so they have to. Luckily they have powerful digestive fluids which get the job of digestion done despite the lack of chewing.
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To be honest with you 1 out of a million people are bitten every day, some people who live in the amazon ge bitten by snakes by their arm or maybe even poisioned. So no a snake cannot eat human by whole but there are species of giant snake with strong mouths so 0-0 has been killed by  a snake

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