Can Dogs Get Skin Cancer?


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Yes dogs are quite prone to getting skin cancers in fact the skin is the most common site for cancer in dogs. Skin cancer manifests itself in various forms of tumors or pigmentation patches on the skin. Middle aged to older dogs are more vulnerable to skin cancers. While definite causes of skin cancer is yet to be known, over exposure to the sun can increase the chances of certain types of skin cancer in dogs that have a thin coat and are light colored.

One needs to feel the dog for any lumps and bumps at regular intervals as skin cancers may appear as a lump in or underneath the skin or as a sore. An urge to chew or scratch certain areas continuously could be one of the symptoms of skin cancer.

There may also be appearance of redness in the skin and also dry skin in case of certain skin cancers. If you see any of the above symptoms, consult a veterinarian immediately as timely diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer is a very important factor regarding your pet's complete recovery.
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My dog has been chewing on her front first joints (above her feet) for years and not one vet mentioned "skin cancer". They all said it was an "allergy". Last week, my 11-year-old female went in for a lumpectomy. We are awaiting the official results, but the vet that removed it said he was 98% sure it was melanoma. The tumor had black spots all the way around it. More vets need to know that this is a sign of cancer.
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My dog got skin cancer (melanoma) on his lip. We noticed it right away, took him to a very good vet. They ran tests and found out it was not curable. He lived approximately three months longer and then we had to have him put down because we didn't want him to suffer. We got him cremated and got his ashes put into an urn. Was very sad to lose him.
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My dog also has skin cancer located on her lip. She has already undergone chemo and is presently taking chemo meds. Doctors have said that it is incurable and I'm now noticing a decline in her behavior. It has been about a year since first diagnosed and she had to get a partial lip removal. I'm started to realize that it is towards the end & we are losing are fight. This is so hard on me. It is just nice to know somewhere out there is someone else who has gone through it. If you have any words of advice I'd be happy to hear them. Again thanks for just being out there.
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We just noticed a while back that our dog had a little whitish red spot on her gum and now about I would say 2months later its red and bleeding and white looking and has gotten bigger. I believe its cancer. She also is scratching and biting her self a lot. We have three kids and have had this dog for 4 yrs now. We will really miss her if she goes away, however unfortunately we are going to. I feel for you all out there and just wanted to say your not alone and its very hard to lose a dog that to you isn't a dog but family. I sure wish the best for you all and a very quick recovery of those who are getting treatment for your baby. Thanks
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Yeah they can get skin cancer, but you don't want your dog to get that so I suggest you keep your dog in good shape and clean it at least once a month

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