How Do I Get The Doggy Smell Out Of My House?


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If you don't have a dog in your house anymore then you can do a one time spring cleaning to get the residual doggy odor out. To get odor out of carpets, baking soda sprinkled overnight followed by vacuuming first thing in the morning should work wonders. Do the same with any smelly bedding or clothes while adding some baking soda or vinegar to the laundry to take the odor out.

If you still have a dog in the house, you will have to take steps to make the dog smell good in order to make your home smell good. Shampoo him at regular intervals with a gentle dog shampoo followed by a rinse with baking soda in water to make him smell fresh.

If the dog is furry then extra care should be taken to keep the coat completely dry for which a hair dryer could be used. Take extra care to brush and keep his coat clean from any foreign objects sticking to it.

The diet that is given to the dog should he healthy and care should be taken such that he is not fed any food of which the expiry date has elapsed. The dog's ear, mouth, and body should be checked for any smelly parts to make sure there are no infections or abscesses. You may now hope for a good smelling house.
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You need to scrub the basement with a disenfectant,or a cleaning agent like pinesol,lysol really well, air it out ,let dry and sprinkle baking soda all around basement floor, let stand for 2 to 3 days repeat let stand again and sweep it up hope you find some relief from the odor, you may have to repeat this several times depending on how bad the smell is......good luck to you....
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You could try a product by North Woods called molecule 1000.  It works very well without that perfume smell.  You spray it everywhere carpets couches floors. WAY BETTER THAN FEBREZZ.  Its even usable in air I used it in my pet store and I use it in my apartments to get rid of any animal odors including cat and ferret urine of course I shampoo first.  I still use it in my home way safer than chemicals!!!!
Hope this held.
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In my business we deal with this type of thing regularly.  You need to scrub the floor really, really well with a disinfectant cleaner like lysol, pinesol or call your local janitorial supply store for a commercial grade cleaner.  Rinse. Dry. Then apply a pigmented shellac which will seal floor and poof-no more urine odor.  Be sure to open a window while you are cleaning and sealing the floor.  Afterwards stick a fan in the room to help ventilate and move the air and help to rid the air from all the cleaning and urine smell in the air.  A few days it will be good as new.  Good luck!
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Check with either a large pet store or a local hardware store as they do have stuff to remove the odor
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You should use an air freshener around your house for guests, but without guests I recommend getting used to the dog smell because maybe the dog likes its territory. It may smell to you but not to the dog.

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