I Have A Nearly Full Blooded Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. Is It Normal For Them To Get Bumps And Moles And Things When They Get Older (age 12)? Mine Appears To Be Healthy And Happy Otherwise.


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Yes it can be normal for older dogs to develop certain benign skin lesions/masses.  Common benign dermal growths are sebaceous cysts, papillomas (warts), skin tags, and lipomas (fatty tumors).  
All new lumps should be evaluated by your veterinarian.  Most lumps should have a fine needle aspirate performed to collect cells for identification under the microscope.  Lumps that are identified as malignant should be removed.  There are indications for removing benign lumps as well.
Talk to your veterinarian more specifically about your dogs lumps.  Make sure they are keeping record of each lump.  You can also start a chart as home as well.

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Thanks so much for this info. I will begin immediately. To be honest I have been concerned, as my sisters dog got skin cancer and I worry about that. Thank you so much!
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My wheaton has had similar problems since age 2. She is now 6 and I have had to get them surgically removed twice. More are here already. Is this a breed thing, diet thing or hereditary?They don't seem to bother her but the ones she can reach she licks a lot. Ones under the collar do bother her. Can I do anything to prevent these?
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Beautiful dog by the way, yes it is normal, just like with humans as they get older

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