My Ferrets Losing Hair Really Bad. Is It Normal?


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No, losing hair is not normal. It could be a sign of adrenal disease which is common in ferrets. Male ferrets it tends to be more of a problem for, other issues come to play such as prostate problems. Female ferrets on the other can have hair loss which is a hormonal issue and usually the females hair will go back. The same can happen with males, but as I mentioned they have bigger issues with this disease. If you notice hair loss at the base of the tail, or on the paws these can be signs of adrenal. Need to locate a vet the is educated on ferrets, which sometimes can be a challenge. Usually if  the animal is diagnosed with adrenal surgery is recommended. There is a shot treatment as well, my experience is that the surgery is the best way to go. But of course always consult your vet. Research online is always helpful too, there are some wonderful ferret website with some valuable information on all aspects of the wonderful animals. I have 4 of them!!! Good luck
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No, it's not something that shouldn't happen. Its normally caused by stress, malnutrition or an illness. Call a vet , to see if they also see FERRETS. Are you feeding FERRET diet foods? Or using cat food? A lot of people believe cat food is ok, but its not. Ferrets need FERRET food, and fresh fruit, or veggies. They don't like loud noises, it stresses them. Also, they need bathed a couple times a month, use kitten shampoo if you don't buy ferret shampoo, its the closest. But, NO cat/kitten/dog food. They love raisins, yogurt and eggs!! Cooked of course! Also  A LOT Of attention!!! Hope he is ok!!!!

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