What Are The Male Specimen Of Cattle Called?


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Intact males are called bulls.  Male bovines that have been castrated before reaching puberty are called steers.  Bulls that are castrated after puberty are called stags.
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A male is called a bull! If you cut out his nuts at a young age he gets bigger faster, as his mother takes care of his wounds.
Now he's a steer!

Also this is not very well known! US Cowboy's cut off the end of his right ear it's called lobbing. That way you can see from horse back that he's a steer. If not you rope him and tie up three legs two fronts and one back so you can do your job!

Now you know about calf roping in the rodeo and tying the three legs!

I forgot a heifer is a female calf that has never given birth, and Cowboys mark there right ears too so you can spot them at ease from horse back.

Their mark is called a "Willow Fork" it is a V cut on the tip and the two points is what you first see.

These are just some of the tricks that date way back and are used working cattle.

Oh! If you eat hamburgers at the fast food places, you are eating Super Old Holstein's that can't hardly even walk they are so old, and a bag of bones, too!
Then they inject that tenderizing Stuff that you've been hearing about.
Do you want to know about Hot Dogs? You'll need a strong stomach!
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Steers DO NOT grow faster than a bull does. Bulls actually grow faster and gain faster than steers do because of the testosterone that is still in their system. Steers have a better chance of gaining more fat than bulls do, which is one of the reasons why bull calves are castrated like they are. The other reason is, of course, because bulls are more unpredictable and dangerous than steers are.
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The male species of the cattle is called the Bull. In early days all the farm animals in particular used to be called cattle. Calves are generally referred to as young cattle, while a young male is called bull-calf. They can only live and eat on grasses and other plants.

One of the slip-up ideas about bulls are that they get violent when they see the colour red. But the fact is they really can not see any colours. The only colours they can see are black, white, and greys. This entire slip up was established by the Matadors (bull-fighters), who usually use a red cloth for bulls to attack. It is only the movement that affects them and not the colour.
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Cows do see some colours. They react to yellow especially and have 4 stomachs, not none.
Cattle is still technically the common name of the species; "cow" refers to female cattle, but most the baby male dairy calves get made into veal, so most cattle you see are cows.

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