How Is Flounder Farmed?


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Flounder is a flatfish and is found in Northern Atlantic and waters along the coastline of US and Canada and the Pacific Ocean as well. Flounder is one kind of fish (flat) which refers to several geographically distinct species. Like flounder in Europe, Asia or Japan.

Flounder fishing and breeding is called flounder farming. It is a more difficult to farm flounder then other reptiles. Flounder fish farming has to done in extremely controlled environment. If farmed properly, flounder fishes can lead to major economic impact.

The controlled breeding method relies on adequate water temperature and its manipulation to control sex during the flounder's early development. This is not on genetic engineering. Flounder has a temperature dependent sex determination as noticed in other reptiles like turtles and alligators.
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FLOUNDER ARE NOT REPTILES. Flounder are FISH. Fish and reptiles, while both cold-blooded, are no closer related to one another than either is to amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders and newts).

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