What is the proverb expansion for birds of the same feather flock together?


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People of the same liking tend to stick together rather than mingling with people with various ideas and different perspectives.They think that they can only stay with people who share their thoughts as they think that they may end up in fights or become violent with people who do not share their thoughts.Those kind of people live in their own shell and do not mind to explore the world from other's views.
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Birds of a feather, flock together.
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This is a saying,it is not a proverb.
Therefore there is no "proverb expansion", as such. If you want a proverb, then go to the Book Of Proverbs.
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It means people of same thinking gel with each other well.
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Whenever we see a flock of birds flying in the sky, we find that they all belong to the same class. Birds of the same kind flock feed and move together. Pigeons, parrots, crows and swans fly in their own groups. We do not see crows flocking with swans and vice versa. Only birds of a feather or the same kind flock feed and travel together. This is true of human beings also. Usually people make friends with people of same temperament and aptitudes. They like the company of those who are similar in taste and views and have common interests. Those with similar tastes and interests often form groups and associate with one another. They may not feel comfortable in a different kind of company. Learned people seek the company of the learned. Brilliant students prefer the company of brilliant students whereas dullards like dullards. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen and politicians like the company of their own tastes, temperaments and interests. If he keeps company with drunkard, he will also become a drunkard. But if he moves among refined people, he will become a refined and civilized man, the meaning of the proverb is true in the case of nations too. Even the nations keep friendly terms with the nations with similar interests and notions.

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