How Many Toes Do Birds Have?


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Most birds have four toes on each foot with a claw at the end of each toe.  It is generally the claw which is used, more than the toe.  Different species of birds have different arrangements of toes which have evolved to suit their way of life.

Perching birds, such as robins have three toes pointing forward and one pointing backward on each foot.  This enables ease of grip when they are perching on a branch.

Climbing birds such as parrots have two toes which point forward and two pointing backwards.   The back toe helps the bird retain its balance as it climbs.

Birds which do not fly, but run have only three toes on each foot, all of which point forward.  However, the ostrich proves the exception to this rule, although a running bird it has only two toes on each foot, which again point forward, although it does not need any assistance with balance whilst climbing or perching.
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A bird has 3 toes on each side but the don't have arms, but they do have wings for arms. They have 6 toes including right and left.
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Most birds have 4 toes on each foot, with a claw or talon (hooked claw) at each toe end. Ostrich for example only have two toes.
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3 on each foot
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Stewingrat, All birds have toes, inc. Parrots, macaws and eagles. Don,t they? The number of toes depending upon theiir way of life. The talons are not in place of toes as suggested but are attached to the end of the toes of course. Birds also would not be able to rest on branches etc nor walk without toes of course .
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Birds don't have toes, they have talons. One at front of each foot and two at the back.
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Llyonese . Sorry but your answer is incorrect. Of course birds have toes. The talons or claws are attached to the end of birds toes. Birds curl around perches with their toes.
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Your answer of "Birds dont have toes" Sorry Lionese but this answer is really ridiculous.
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I having a feeling that some sparrows DO have toes.
Maybe Lyonese is thinking of parrots,like macaws,and eagles,and the like.
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Two, total four,

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