How Many Toes Does A Turkey Have?


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Turkey is a large bird included in the Class of Aves and order Galliformes. It is grouped under the Family Phasiandae, Subfamily Meleagridinae and Genus Meleagris. The bird has a lifespan of ten years. These birds can be twenty-six inches in length. The wingspan can be of 1.5 to 1.8 meters or approximately sixty-seven inches. They weigh approximately four pounds. There are two species: the North American Turkey and the Central American Turkey. The former is also called wild Turkey and the latter Ocellated Turkey.

The turkeys possess three toes which face forward and one toe that faces backward. Thus, in all the Turkey have four toes. The toes show pebbly structure. The metatarsal pad is the region of the turkey foot where the three toes join and is not always visible in a footprint of turkey. The Turkeys do not touch their whole feet on the ground.

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