Which Animals Have A Notochord?


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All the animals that fall under the vertebrate category should possess notochord as it is one of the vital organs of vertebrates. The best example is said to be fish that are the earliest creatures on earth and even after so many centuries of time-lapse notochords are the organs that are serving their purpose. Notochord is part of vertebrae and vertebrae is rigid enough to hold the muscles of a fish at a proper place and also quite flexible so that they can make a free movement.

In higher vertebrates, you can find the notochord extending through the entire length of the body and it reaches to the anterior end of the mid-brain and forms a hook-like extremity.

In human being also you can find notochord but by the time he attends the age of four these are replaced by some chondrocyte like cells and the origin of these cells is still unclear.

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