Can You Name Some Animals And Their Young Ones?


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Barbara DeWalt answered
I can indeed. Obviously, if I were to name all the animals and their young, I’d be here all day - I’ll give you the names of a few of the more interesting ones, though!

  • Animal: Goose
  • Baby: Gosling
  • Animal: Llama
  • Baby: Cria
  • Animal: Guinea pig
  • Baby: Pup
  • Animal: Grasshopper
  • Baby: Nymph
  • Animal: Hedgehog
  • Baby: Piglet
  • Animal: Owl
  • Baby: Owlet
  • Animal: Seal
  • Baby: Pup
  • Animal: Jellyfish
  • Baby: Ephyna
  • Animal: Ferret
  • Baby: Kit

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