My Dog's Nose Smells Pretty Bad Even After She Had A Bath And Got Her Teeth Brushed. Is This Normal?


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Your dog may be ill or have an infection.... You may also be really smelling a decayed tooth...if you have a vet that knows your may take it there and have it checked out....good luck!
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My dog has has 3 seizures in the last 2 weeks he has a collasped tracia and he smells really really bad I have bathed him but he smells so bad I can smell him from across the room....
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Depends on how old your dog is. You may want to try water pills for him. Ask you Vet about this.
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She may have a lung infection  or a cold or flu; or she may have asthma.

I would recommend phoning your vet, explaining what's happening and take their advice.  Quite possibly they will need to see your dog, check him over and make sure there's nothing wrong with him. If there is, they will be able to treat him.

The following article describes some other possibilities for a blocked stuffy nose in a dog.   

All the best!
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It just means the areas surrounding the nose probably has the odor of food and leftover things your dog has picked up.

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