How Often Does A Hen Lay Eggs?


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Hen is a domestic egg-laying bird. An adolescent hen, be it of White Leghorn type or the Rhode Island Reds type, starts laying eggs when it is eighteen weeks old. Then, for the next thirteen weeks, it lays the best quality eggs. When hen is thirteen weeks old, it is said to have become an adult hen. This adult hen continues laying eggs for the next sixty-nine weeks. It now attains the age of 100-102 weeks and its egg- laying capacity is extremely low. Thus, it affects the frequency and quality of laying.

The frequency of laying eggs is one egg every twenty-five hours. Sometimes a hen does not lay eggs but, instead concentrates on incubation of the eggs. Generally, the incubation period is of twenty-one days. The modern hen does not incubate the eggs and some species that do incubate stop the incubation half-way for laying eggs.

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