Can You Tell Me Something Exciting To Do With An Egg?


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Egg is a very nutritious food to take. It gives 6.2gm of protein along with 8.8 gm of fat. Well you can make a unique egg-burger with an egg. Here is how to do it. You first break egg into moderately hot non-stick frying pan and stir gently to break yolk and mix a bit with the white part of it. Now put some salt and pepper to taste. When egg is ready, you please be carefully turn it and cook the other side. At this part you need to be little careful so that it won't be broken. When the other side will get fried properly, put it out from oven and place it in a bowl. Now make a ham warmed and put some sliced cheese onto it. Then you make some long pieces of the egg item you have just prepared. Put those pieces above the cheese. Then put some round sliced tomato, lettuce, green pepper on it to dress up. Add some ketchup on the top. Just now you have prepared your very own egg-burger. Enjoy it while reading the newspaper.
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Throw it at someone you hate
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Take the egg for a walk 

Throw egg

Return home with a smirk on your face

Admit nothing

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