What can we learn from animals?


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We can learn, how to live in nature  as a animals, bcz we forget tha we r animals first then human being.
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Quite a bit, as has been mentioned in all the answers that are already here. I suppose it might matter which animal we're looking at and what their habits are....to know which lessons would be the most valuable to us.
I've recently become a bird watcher of sorts and have noticed a lot of behavior I think would do most of us a world of good.
I particularly like the answer of our children learning to leave the nest as soon as they are able and not be dependent ( or freeloading persons ) for the rest of their lives.
Go out and fend for themselves as animals do, even tho the parental love is always there.

I noticed these birds love to come for a nice meal, but b-4 I was putting seed out, they certainly did not need me to feed them.

Like others said too....they R not fashion conscious, or "hafta keep up with the Joneses" types. They live for today with no worry of tomorrow. They never complain. ( Or do they ?)  and they have very little need but to survive.
When you R loved by an animal...it is always unconditional too. How many people can say that about themselves ?
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Animals Don't Lie   Are Never Self Absorbed   Don't Overdose On Drugs.  Animals Don't  Care How They Look.. Or What's The Latest Trend... They Don't Deal With Needing A Designer Wardrobe. They Only Care About Feeding Their Kids.. Staying Safe.  And Taking Care Of Each Other. They Get In  Fights But They Don't Settle Fights With Pistols 
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"I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A little bird will
fall dead, frozen from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for
itself." - D. H. Lawrence.

Life is simple, dogs know that, other animals know that, so why do humans make such a big deal out of it?  Enjoy it while it lasts, we've only got a 100 years to live.

Yeah, I'm tired so that's all I got ^.^
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What CAN'T we learn from animals?  Maybe how to leave the nest as soon as we are mature enough, to live with decisions of our making  and how not to be dependent on others for existence and be a bloodsucking parasite on society.
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That the human animal is the most unique and amazing of all animals, that the challenge is for us to engage with each other, for better or worse, and never give in to those who would elevate other animals at the expense of humans.
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If most animals are fed,watered,warm and have a safe place to sleep,they are (I hesitate to say happy ),content
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We could learn how to live..... Perhaps not for the future in any significant way, but I am positive they could show us how to live in this very moment, and completely for today alone. Animals are at peace in the moment, they are noble in this way.
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Nice thought and something we could all strive for!
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They are most peaceful when they are eyeing their next meal, usually ANOTHER ANIMAL! , at least when humans eat other humans, oh never mind.
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Ha, ha some of the above "animals are so perfect" answers make me laugh. What innocent people could really believe such drivel?

What we can learn from animals is there is no such thing as "privates" and shame.
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Animals especially dogs are more reliable to their masters, we can learn from dogs this way , we can be more reliable and loveable to our family members.

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