How does lions survive different weathers and temperatures?


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Lions are animal which have different adaptations such as structural adaptation, physiological adaptation, behavioural adaptation ad reproductive adaptation. Lions are animals found in some regions of the world and mainly in Africa due to the climate and weather which is suitable for them to maintain their body temperature at best range. During the "summer" when it is hot and dry, the big herbivores, which were "all over" during the rainy season, are confined to places where there is water. And the plants have been baked down to dry stalks everywhere. The plant eaters are having a tough time, and so are the lions. The range of these plant eaters has shrunk dramatically because they need to be near water. But though the lions don't have to look far to find them, they do have to compete with other animals for water. Lions can die of thurst as easily as any other animal. In the winter, it is raining, and with the resurgence of the plants, the plant eaters spread out to graze, and the lions move with them. It is "easier" for the lion in the "winter" because it can generally hook up some food, and it doesn't have to search for water. The hot, dry "summer" beats the lion down, just like it hammers all the other animals.

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