Can u cut a boxer's tail or tie it off with a rubber band when the puppy is 5 months or is it to old?


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Your breeder would have had the pups tail docked by their veterinarian. A dock is done at 2 to 5 days old on average and a few vets will do so up to 10 days old. After that it is a complicated, risky and much more expensive amputation surgery that most vets won't do for cosmetic reasons but you could ask your vet and should ask them about docks, amputation and rubber banding. It is now bone and nerve and a part of of the spine with risk of complication and damage.
When they are newborns they aren't fully developed and makes it a completely different procedure and much simpler procedure though care is still taken for in the future with bones and nerves and future issues. As a newborn it is a little more like clipping a fingernail when done properly but is more like cutting off a finger past that point.
Rubber banding is never considered acceptable and is considered  animal cruelty as well as very high risk of complication (life long) and infection and of course extremely painful. It is horrific and disgusting and unbelievably cruel. Consider doing the same to yourself or a child whom you know. Wrapping a rubber band around a lower portion of a finger incredibly tight until it dies (a long time) and goes through and your finger basically falls off and the pain and problems that would result. It's nothing like a dock or even a surgical amputation even taking into consideration the differences between those procedures.
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Not really too old, but you need to have a vet do it for you or you'll end up making your dog extremely sick through infection.
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Take it to a vet for that operation. Your plan can cause an infection and you could lose your dog.
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I wouldnt say too old because it could still be done but it would put your puppy through lots of suffering. If you truly care about how your puppy feels, I don't suggest you do that to it.

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