Is it safe to crop a six months old puppy's ears?


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You should talk to your vet, but to be honest, some vets won't do that anymore. And you have to be careful.  I had a Doberman that I got when she was one.  Her ears were cropped. Whoever did it, did not do it right and messed her ears up.  She cold hold her ears up if she was startled or excited, otherwise, they stayed flopped out to the side,  and she looked like Yoda! Not worth it in my opinion.

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You're welcome! Just be sure to research the vets in your area before deciding on one.
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Btw, your German Shepherd is beautiful! I love dogs too!
Kostas Theodossiou
I've had the same vet for 14 years now, and he never gave a misdiagnosis..... he's a good vet... thank you for liking my Rocky that's my g. s's name and he's 4 years old...
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Never crop any dog's ears. It is cruel, unnecessary and will hurt the dog. Crop your own ears first.

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You would probably have to consult an expert. I believe that's how old my dog was when we tried to crop his ears. Emphasis on *tried*. Our other dogs kept messing with the cup, so now they're not cropped or floppy. I believe cropping dog ears is outlawed in most of the US, so I'd try to be careful. If you really want them cropped, you can always move to another country. XD

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