Is Ciprofloxacin The Same As Enrofloxacin,and Is It Safe For Dogs?


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Heavy duty there. You would need to discuss everything with your vet if you are considering using it or have questions just as with anything else but these are monitored closely.   They aren't the same med under different names or anything like that.
Broad spectrum, not effective on anaerobes. Baytril actually has better oral bioavailability for dogs than cipro. It is prescribed but with close monitoring. A lot of things to monitor (and preferably clear for before use) for and must be careful with younger animals due to the possibility of long term repercussions from misuse, used within certain paramiters, drug interactions and must be used (and prescribed) carefully and under close supervision. Baytril isn't recommended for humans (CNS effects) and is labled for animals. :-)

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