How Much Would It Cost If A Dog Has Provo?


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It depends. If you suspect your pup has parvo you need to see a vet, there isn't an option there. Among other things there has to be a diagnosis so you know it's parvo (and not parasite, bacterial, poisoning ect.) since there are other things that seem the same but need different treatment and without them your pup will die and you also need to see a vet legally (you may not diagnose and treat BUT you may be able to treat as long as it's under their supervision and direction and that makes a huge difference). After that it depends on severity and what needs to be done and length of illness and other factors. If you catch it at early onset of symptoms the vet can also prescribe something like Tamiflu or even some homeopathic remedies which help reduce severity and length of illness but it has to be early enough or doesn't help so not waiting can pay off in several ways and not least of all for the animal involved.
In most cases, depending on severity, they need treatment through a route other than oral because of vomiting. If you give them something by mouth, it just comes back up and does no good and you risk aspiration and making things more complicated because of that so they often need fluids by iv or sub q and an injection of something for the nausea and diarrhea at a minimum to get things started on the right track (generally an emergency when they first present) and to have a chance of survival.
If finances are a concern you can speak to the veterinarian about the possibility of sending you home with some of the items you will need if you have the time to nurse (or sometimes if work is an issue dropping them off at vet during day for treatment and picking them up at night and there are all sorts of ways to try and work it out to the benefit of the pet) and showing you what you need to do and they can monitor and supervise once the pup is stable enough though that isn't always preferable since treatment is modified to what an owner can do at home and contagion is always a concern since you will be tracking it around and putting other animals at risk. They can do what they need to do and you can do what you are able. It can be more complicated than leaving them at the vet where they can do what is needed as needed but preferable than a higher chance of death.
If you suspect parvo just head ot the vet for an exam and see what you can work out from there. Things aren't always what they seem or as expensive as people may think but it depends and there is only one way to know.

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