Have Some Ostriches Become Extinct?


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Yes, there have and only recently. There are now four sub-species of ostrich; the fifth, which inhabited Syria and Arabia has now become extinct because of uncontrolled hunting. It was last seen in 1941 but there was an unconfirmed sighting in 1966.

The North African ostrich is still in existence but its spread has been much reduced by hunting. It is still found to the south of the Atlas mountains in an area of desert that stretches from Senegal and Nigeria through to Sudan and central Ethiopia.

The Masai ostrich still lives in the African national parks in Kenya and Tanzania and the Somali ostrich lives north of the River Tana in Kenya, in Somalia and southern Ethiopia. The South African ostrich is found along the border between Namibia and Angola.

Ostriches eat a wide range of foods and walk for miles following herds of grazing animals. More ostriches are likely to disappear as the savannah habitats are further encroached by human activity.
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Yes,inevitably everything will be at one time or another.

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