What Is The Difference Between Canine Distemper And Kennel Cough?


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Canine distemper is a contagious, incurable,
often fatal, viral disease that compromises the
respiratory, gastrointestinal, and even the
central nervous systems. Signs of this disease
can appear up to 3 weeks after contact with a
sick dog.  There are respiratory problems,
coughing and runny eyes and nose, as
well as a fever.  Afterwards comes signs
of depression, little food/water intake, if any,
vomiting and loose bowels.   Later stages cause
thickened footpads, 'hard pad'. With that come a
hardened nose.  Dogs that survive the first part of
distemper many times develops signs of neurological
damage, including seizures.

Infectious Bronchitis–otherwise known
as ‘Kennel Cough’, is a very contagious
disease of the respiratory system,
The disease is brought on by a combination
of viruses and bacteria that can be passed
from one dog to another, regardless of age.
Signs of this a very harsh, dry, hacking
cough, that sometimes last for a number of  weeks,  
often sounding like the dog is choking!  The dog
might have a temperature, not want any food,
and not wanting to do anything...kind of like
a human with the ‘flu’.  All too often Kennel Cough
is fatal.

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