How Can I Get My Adult Dobermans Cropped Ears To Stand?


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They can insert wiring into the ear to make it stand, or they can do a surgery that cuts the muscle behind the ear to pull it back further... But unless you're showing the dog its a lot of money and pain for the dog just to make an ear stand.  They should have been taped properly as a puppy to stand, at this point its drastic measures and expensive to make them stand up.  And neither option is guaranteed... I did it and then her ear just flipped back instead of down.
Sovrana Cane Corso
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Jennifer Stewart
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Thank you, we were just looking at our options. I don't think I want it done anyway. My boy is two now and couldn't stand having the tape on his ears when he was a baby. I left the tape off thats why they flopped. I couldn't stand watching him try to rip the tape off his head anymore by rubbing all over everything. I really don't want wire in his ears either. So thank you and I'm gonna keep his floppy ears floppy....
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Tobysmum2, Obviously u have feelings for your dog and I applaud you bUT what I do not understand is why you had them cropped in the first place. It is barbaric, unneccessary and a total cruel multilation on this poor dogs ears. Mankind has a lot to answer for

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