What Happens If A Girl Dog Gets Pregnant With Her Brother?


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The puppies could have severe birth defects
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Well the puppies would stand a high chance of having genetic disease as their sibling parents would most likely be carrying the same genetic abnormality and the pup would inherit 2 bad recessive alike genes . It is wrong to let siblings mate as it is very close incest
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Possibly. Considered one of the worst things to do in breeding due to the genes. Just about every bad thing in the line is likely to be pulled to the front and occur. Hip Dysplasia, PRA, health problems like that are very likely to happen even if they aren't obviously physically deformed at first. A lot of heartbreak for the pups and their families. Get one (preferably both) fixed so nothing like that happens and if it did you should speak to your vet about a spay and termination.
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I had a litter of dogs.  We kept a boy and a girl.  I thought they we're still puppy's but I think boy dog has bread with the girl did.  I am going to get the boy dog fixed I just hope not to late.  What will happen to the babies if she is PG? Concerned dog mom Angie
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Its likely that the pups will have deformations or medical conditions
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She will born a Disabled dog If A Girl Dog Gets Pregnant With Her Brother.
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Genetically it's the worst match you can make with breeding, it's inbreeding and their genetics are too much the same. Do you think you'd have good results if you had babies with a brother or sister? They share the same genetics passed from sire and dam. Any health problems in the line are very likely to be pulled to the front and fixed in the line. Heart problems, hip dysplasia, genetic eye diseases ect. Things that may show up later, things people with knowledge of breeding and genetics may have spent years trying to avoid producing in the line and it will double up on a lot of recessive genes.
Inbreeding of closely related dogs is not generally considered a good thing, responsible or ethical and very few people know enough to attempt line breeding (and there is a difference) in the way it needs to be done on the rare occasions it is and it is extremely involved and you must have extensive knowledge of genetics and the genetics of the dogs involved (also using any expensive genetic testing that may be available).
For many it is just an excuse to breed irresponsibly but brother and sister is never acceptable by any standards. Your average good, knowledgeable, responsible, experienced breeder with good knowledge of genetics will not even generally attempt line breeding and avoid it as it is much more involved and extensive and very high risk of producing genetic defects in the line even with as much as they know about genetics and their lines and breed from a genetic standpoint.
If you had an accident you should speak to your vet about the mismate shot or a spay and termination for both the likelyhood of serious problems in the pups as well as the word puppy indicates they are not mature enough for breeding yet which can cause issues for the dam and the pups in the future and is higher risk as well. Hope you are just curious. Good luck to you.

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