My Dog Has Symptoms Of Stomach Virus, Any Advice Or Medication Besides A Trip To The Vet?


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If your dog is bright and alert, and otherwise seems well you can do a few things at home.  If your dog seems unwell (inappetance, lethargy, depression) has other signs, or has vomiting and diarrhoea together, you should go to the vet.  

The generally accepted approach to a dog with an upset stomach is to withdraw food for 24 hours.  Only allow water and lectade (oral rehydration solution).  When you allow food again, feed a bland meal of cooked chicken and rice.  If all goes well, you can slowly introduce the normal diet again.  

Keep in mind that puppies with vomiting or diarrhoea can rapidly decline because they do not have much reserve or a well developed immune system.
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My dog is 6mons now and didnt  want to eat and drink for frist day. But today I gave him water with a baby dropper and he started to eat a little on his own. Do you think what ever he had maybe hes ge-ten better?
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My dog has been vomiting all afternoon. He had a 101.3 temp and I gave him baby aspirin which my friend recommended (she works with a vet). She said to give him a low sodium chicken broth. Now the vomit is clearer. What should I do?

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