What Are Drone Bees?


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Of per the above answer the 'drones' are the male bees of the colony and their only duty is to fertilize the female counterpart..but for that process there are many drones in the picture...the queen will choose the best the following process.. She will fly as high as she can and that phenomenon is called a 'nuptial flight' and in the process many drones will drop out, but the only one which would follow her to the highest point will mate her.
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She can then chose to fertilise eggs – which produce more drones, or leave them to develop unfertilised – which produces more workers.

Actually unfertilized eggs are producing drones, and fertilization eggs are producing workers.

Drones are not capable of building in the hive, collecting nectar or even feeding them self, but ... In very hot summers they can help in "ventilation process" of the HIVE. They don't have a sting, but they make noise, and sometimes fight if the hive is attacked.
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Drones are fertile male bees that have only one job in life – they provide the queen bee of their colony with sperm to fertilise her thousands of eggs. The female mates with quite a few drones, usually about 200 of them, and then stores sperm in sperm receptacles. She can then chose to fertilise eggs – which produce more drones, or leave them to develop unfertilised – which produces more workers.

The drone bees are useful during the short period of mating but then they hang around doing nothing at all. While food is plentiful, the female workers tolerate their presences but, later in the season when food is in shorter supply, the males are forbidden entry to the nest and left outside.

This means certain death as drones do not have pollen gathering equipment or a sting, so they can't collect any food and they are completely defenceless against attack from potential predators.
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Many people see those videos online taken with 2019 drones and immediately think these are pretty cool. Truth is… they are, indeed. However, the other side of the picture is what almost nobody thinks about.

How to buy a drone for beginnersI guess the best way I can explain this is as follows: Would you like to have a Ferrari? Most people would say a sounding yes to this question. However, that is because they think about driving it, or how they will look in a Ferrari. Most people don’t know that a Ferrari requires a very different type of maintenance than most normal cars.

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And… the same happens with drones. Most people can tell how it feels to drive an RC car, and how that is translated into driving an actual car. But… not everyone is experienced when talking about aerial stuff.

Thus, I ask you: Why do you want to start with drones?

If you are thinking that since the beginning you’ll be able to take those great aerial shots and control the drone like a pro, I want to warn you. Drones are not easy to control, especially the cheap ones.

On the other hand, you can get a high ticket device, which is easier to control, but you’ll risk your investment because of the lack of skills to pilot and control it correctly.

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