Why Are Loggerhead Sea Turtles Called Loggerheads?


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Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Loggerhead turtles were named
because of their over-sized heads.
'Loggerhead' is a term that refers
to that same characteristic.
(It's also a long spoon-like tool
used to stir hot tar
It can mean 'dolt'.as well.)
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yarnlady answered
Maybe someone saw them and thought they looked just like loggers - or maybe logs?
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Thomas answered
Loggerheads were named for their large heads, which have powerful jaws and enable them to feed on hard-shelled prey, such as whelks and conch.
John Profile
John answered
Because of their big log shaped head and colored shell.the only thing is I could not find who is credited with naming this turtle.www.sciway.net
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Keith Old answered
G'day Brav0zulu,

Thank you for your question.

Apparently, the loggerhead turtle is so called due to its large head and thick jaws.

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