My Cat Had A Stillborn Baby.. Now The Other Babies Aren't Coming?


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You asked if one kitten could come early ~ was she not due yet? How long until due date?

She should be seen by a vet immediately.  A partial birth process is not good for her and by now nearly 24 hours have gone by since she had the first kitten.  If the contractions have stopped and the kittens inside her are still moving, she may yet have them naturally, but she may need assistance from the vet - check other kittens are ok, that they arent' stuck,  injection to put her back into labour again, or a C-section.

Please take her to a vet if you havent
At least phone them explain what's happening and see what they recommend. It could very well mean the difference between life and death for both the mother and her unborn kittens.  Cats birth can occasionally take 24 hours, but usually it's all over in a matter of hours (with a small rest of an hour or so, in the middle).  

All the best ~ and I hope the remaining kittens are born healthy.
Let us know how you get on ...
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It turns out she only had one kitten. She went into heat three days after the birth. We're taking her and the father to get spayed this week. Thanks for the help anyway.
She's doing fine:)

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