Why Do Dogs Have Nightmares?


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Anastasia (nickname: Anya) Profile
Dogs have nightmares. Us humans may or may not be mistaken. A dog's nightmare may be a re-run of what happened yesterday. A dog may twitch and whimper because its owner was holding it back on a leash from a squirrel. A dog may suddenly start to vibrate from a thunderstorm four days ago. Maybe a dog will be having a nightmare like this: A dog looks in the hole. He cannot see all the way down. He leans really close. Dirt from underneath him falls. He tumbles down into darkness. As this dog falls, dark colors around him shift and attempt to grab him from all sides. One claw gets caught in his long, but coarse hair.
Maybe cats dream too. I once saw my cat sleeping, but she looked like she was having a seizure!
She started to growl, low and loud.
But maybe animal's dreams are reacted the same way human's are. By smell.

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