How Big A Tank Does An Adult Veiled Chameleon Need?


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I don't think it would need one very big. Maybe a 20 gallon at most, $25. You would need a heat lamp, $15, a hidding place, $15, water dish, $10, stuff for the bottom, I think they would recommend bark, it would need to be changed on occasion, $5, and to feed those babies is where it can get expensive. They need a calcium suppliment. Not sure how much that costs. Prolly about $5 to $10 bucks. I think they eat crickets and grubs plus salad mixture. This you want to ask the people you got it from cause I'm not sure. I do know that lizards can be hard to care for and the responsibility should not be taken lightly. You may want to search online for as much info as you can get and maybe not be so rude when you ask a question on here. If people go out of their way to actually find the link for you, you should appreciate it. It really doesn't take but a few minutes to find the same info I just gave you. But I already knew it. Hope your not offended.

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Anastasia (nickname: Anya)
Yeah........I'm too lazy to look it up myself? Yeah. Lol. Thanks a lot!
I was just too busy drawing and coloring a few cute ponies that I found out how to draw on google.
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What a rude question.
Go to Google & do your research Dude, if you can't take the effort to do that--You DEFINATELY don't need a pet. This is a BIG commitment, most lizards have a pretty decent life expectancy.

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