What Is A Gorilla Like When It Is 3 Months Pregnant?


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Gorillas are VERY defencive over their young... DO NOT approach one during pregnancy. :)

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A gorilla's gestation period is around 8.5 months. However, a female gorilla usually has a very big stomach so it is difficult for one to say whether she is actually pregnant or not.

The other best way to know if a female gorilla is pregnant is by checking on her swollen knuckles, it a tendency during pregnancy.
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The gestation period of a gorilla is 257 days, which is only 9 days different to that of a human female, whose pregnancy lasts, on average, 266 days.

So, a female gorilla that is three months pregnant would not show any outward appearance of pregnancy. Women usually show no sign of a 'bulge' until over four months pregnant and gorilla babies are usually born smaller and lighter, so there is even less likelihood that a female gorilla would 'look' pregnant by this time.

Also, gorillas are purely vegetarians and eat massive amounts of vegetation. Both sexes have normally distended bellies because of the digestion of fibrous plant materials and, in the wild, it is difficult for even trained observers to know if a gorilla is pregnant, even towards the end of the pregnancy,

Often, the first sign is the birth of the infant gorilla!

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