My Pug Has Soft Lump Growth Getting Larger Near Her Groin Area Under Side Of Her Leg. What Is It?


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If it is enough to ask a question it is a big enough concern to be taken to the vet. It could be the start of cancer, by waiting to long you are just helping the cancer develop, or it could be a cyst, which can be removed but painful if not taken care of immediately!
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Hi there, I have two black pugs, male and female...if your female pug seems to be limping and favoring the area then she is in pain.  I would take her immediately to her vet for an may be a hernia, a mammary cyst or something else infected...good luck and please don't wait to take her...more often than not, dogs have a condition and it goes undetected until it gets more serious...
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Get her to the vet! It could be cancer or it could be just a cyst but I wouldn't take the chance. If the lump is that small and it's cancer she would have a good chance of recovery.
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I would advise you to get her to a vet!! It may be nothing but a fatty tumor but if she is favoring it and acting as though it hurts then it could be a different cancer. They do get hernias in those back flank ares by there vaginal area but regardless even if that was it I would still have the Vet check her out bc that can be something that needs to be removed.
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I just found an infected breast on my 4yr old pug it has a scab and has some puss coming from it... I put some peroxide and triple ointment on it. What could this be?

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