Are Mosquitoes Dangerous To Us?


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In mosquitoes, the most abhorrent to count the mosquitoes suck human blood. Male and female mosquito feeding habits of this is not the same, male mosquitoes, "vegetarian", exclusively on plant nectar and fruit, stems, leaves inside the drip for food. Female mosquitoes occasionally taste plant drip, however, once the mating after the non-vampire can not. Because it is only in the blood meal before they can make ovarian development. Therefore, only the females bite blood-sucking mosquitoes.
A pair of mosquito antennae and three pairs of pereiopod, the distribution of the number of rounds of raw feeling hairs, each hair on the root sense of the densely arranged round or oval-shaped pore. Night, the mosquitoes could be relying on such a sensor sensing the air out of the human distribution of carbon dioxide, in the 1 ‰ seconds to respond promptly to fly will be able to correct the object where the vampire. Blood-sucking mosquitoes before the first saliva containing heparin injected into the skin and blood mixed, so that the blood will not be condensed into the thin plasma, and then spit Chen Gesu undigested blood, sucking fresh blood. If a person can give any of 10000 mosquito bites, you can put the body's blood-sucking.
Mosquitoes suck human blood, but also "Tiaofeijianshou", specializes in line with "taste" of the object. Mosquitoes of people sleeping pillow "Buzz" when hovering rely on close range sensors to sense temperature, humidity and sweat contained within the chemical composition. Therefore, the first female mosquito bites a high body temperature, love sweating person. Because of the high temperature, love the people who secrete sweat smell contains more amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, easy to lure mosquitoes.
The main hazard is the mosquito-borne diseases. According to the research, mosquito-borne diseases, more than 80 different varieties. On earth, no mosquitoes to humans than animals, which have a greater harm.
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YES, mosquitoes are VERY dangerous to humans!  Mosquitoes, or actually, the diseases they carry and transmit through their bites, actually kill more humans world-wide than all other types of animals combined!  Malaria, yellow fever, Dengue, West Nile virus, encephalitis are just a few of the potentially-deadly diseases that are spread by mosquito bites.  They are deadly to other animals, as well, spreading not only those disease but parasites like heartworms to animals like dogs.
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YEs they are bite of a mosquito causes some deadly diseases.
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I think the mosquito is dangerous because he was able to infectious diseases.
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Yes there is a poison in there stingers
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Yes, mosquitoes are dangerous to us. It break your skin and injects numbing saliva before sucking blood. By the time you feel a prick, she (yep, only female mosquitoes bite) is likely done feeding. I would like to suggest every one use a mosquito net to prevent  yourself and your family from mosquito bites. 

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Any creature that draws blood is a danger. By transmitting from one animal/person to another
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Sometimes mosquitoes are dangerous because it will get you sick like dengue but sometimes too I let the mosquito sip my blood and I will just watch and observe..

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