What Do Hamsters Drink?


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Hamsters drink water and milk. But only give them the right amount of milk.(not too much)
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Hamsters drink water just like us. Hamsters can also drink milk but not so much. There are lots of things that hamsters can have but before you give anything except water and food you should ask your vet if your hamster can have the thing you wanted to feed it. Also when a baby hamster id born they drink milk. There s a special kind of milk made for hamsters so you should ask a vet to give you the right type for your hamster. Hamsters need to have some fresh air and you should bring water outside and hold your hamster when you are outside to give it some fresh air for the hamsters health. Give your hamster a drink every few minutes so it doesn't get dehydrated. You have to give your hamster plenty of water when it is outside because they are not so used to the outside evironment if it is not a wild hamster.
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When my son had a hamster years ago, the booklet said to just make sure they had clean water everyday.  The best system for this is the bottle with the small drip spout on the end that dispenses water only when the hamster licks it.
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Hamsters drink water. You might could use either fresh water or tap water. But never too hot or too cold.
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Hamsters drink water and some times milk they als o do drink grape juice I saw my hamster drink it like crazy
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Hamsters drink water out of there water despencers.They probably don't drink anything else but they could drink a little milk.
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My hamster drink milo plane water
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People prefer hamsters to drink water, considering it's healthier for the small rodent
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Alexis Scuderi , Water and milk, but make sure you do not give too much milk., answered

Hamsters drink mainly water.  It's okay for hamsters to have milk, but not too much. :)

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