My Dog Tore Off A Toe Nail, What Do We Do? It Is Not Bleeding.


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donna musto answered
As long as it was not the dew claw high up in the back of the foot it should be fine if it's closed and there is no sign of infection. If it was the dew claw high in the back of the paw watch it carefully, those do tend to get infected depending on how it got torn off, it takes a lot to rip off a dew claw. Good luck.
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Olivia Lopez answered
It could be natural, I've found my dog's toenails before! As long as the dog didn't open a blood vein, it's all good!
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carla stephens answered
Put a good antibiotic cream on it and wrap it.. It will heal itself in a few days.  This same thing happened to my neighbor's beagle just last month.  They did this and he is fine now.
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My Dog tore half her toe Nail off down to the quick and it is just hanging on...What do I do?

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