What Color Are Cockatiels Eggs?


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My sister and I had two cockatiels several years ago, a male and a female.  Her eggs were always white, about maybe 3/4s of an inch long and maybe a 1/2 inch wide.  She pushed one out of the cage one night and it took me weeks to get the mess it made out of the carpet!  LOL!  By the way, none of them ever hatched, so we wondered if the male had something wrong with him, or maybe it was her.
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Cockatiels will lay unfertilized eggs, and they don't need a male to do so. I used to have male and female cockatiels- I got all excited when the female laid eggs, but none ever hatched. Then the male flew away, and the female continued to lay eggs, and she still does to this day. I read somewhere that it may have something to do with them trying to please their owner, and it generally means they're happy, altho it's unhealthy for them to do it too often, especially as old as my female is now (15). It depletes their calcium and makes them weak.
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I never knew that their moods or emotions influenced the egg-laying process -- that is so interesting! Thank you for the info.
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Eggs of all species except of some lizards and frogs are always white 
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They are white I have a pair and they layed a few but they are white

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