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A carp is a freshwater fish that is found all over the world.  In some places carp have been introduced both for sport and human consumption and in others these fish are considered a pest.  Carp that have been domesticated and selectively bred are popular in Japan where they originated as an ornamental fish.
Wild carp are brown or dark green in colour and are unremarkable in appearance.  They have two barbells or small whiskers that hang in front of their faces.  They have a low-slung mouth and eye and are somewhat plump and look like an oversized goldfish.  Carp have long dorsal fins, several small and evenly spaced fins along their lower bodies, and split tales.  These fish are known to grow to a remarkable size and weight.  In Europe, where carp are fished for sport, they have been documented at over 36 kgs (80 lbs). 

Most areas in the United States consider carp to be an invasive pest.  Carp are omnivorous fish and they will consume anything and everything in their path, which often leads to waterways being muddied and aquatic plants being shredded.  The consequence of this feeding pattern is that native fish species find the area no longer inhabitable and will either die off or migrate.  Either result is damaging to the ecosystem.  Many states actively attempt to eliminate carp in order to save native species.

Carp were originally introduced in the United States as food fish despite not being eaten in North America.  The fish is popular as food in other parts of the world despite being quite bony and needing careful filleting or preservation.  Depending on the environment in which the carp has been raised, it can have somewhat sweet flesh.  The firm white meat of the carp is extremely sensitive to environmental factors and can change significantly based on what type of food the carp has eaten and whether or not it has been exposed to any contaminants.  The majority of carp reared in the United States has accumulated levels of pollution that are unsuitable for human consumption.

In Europe, carp are considered primarily a sport fish but are also eaten.  Anglers these challenging fish in lakes all over Europe, in the eastern nations in particular.  In Japan, brightly coloured carp are highly sought after and are known as ‘koi’.  Koi are often found in ornamental water features and lakes and some are surprisingly tame.  They will often accept food offered by hand or come to the water’s surface to ‘socialize’ with their human admirers.  Some koi will sell for extremely large sums.
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A carp is a freshwater fish. From what I understand it is barely edible, if you know how to clean it. It is rumoured to be a very bony fish. I live in the Ohio Valley, near the river, and all kinds of imaginative stories abound about giant carp, and such. Some people fish for them just for the fun of catching the fish.
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Carp is a name commonly attributed to freshwater fish. They are popular as aquarium as well as pond fish.
Carps also pose a problem for many countries as they grub through sediments at the bottom of the sea for food. In doing this they damage or destroy the vegetation submerged in the water thus causing serious damage to native duck and fish population
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Carp is a quite large freshwater fish with a single fin along its back. They are usually found in lakes or rivers.

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carp [kaarp]
(plural carp or carps)
1. Large freshwater fish: A large fish with a single fin on its back, found worldwide in lakes and slow-moving rivers.
Latin name: Cyprinus carpio
Fish of carp family: Any fish of the carp family, which includes goldfish and koi.
Family: Cyprinidae
carp [kaarp]
(past and past participle carped, present participle carp·ing, 3rd person present singular carps)
intransitive verb

part of a fruit
  • pericarp

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    A carp is a large freshwater fish that was originally native to asia . It now is all over the world. It is considered a garbage fish because it eats off the bottom. It is related to  Goldfish and if you let a goldfish go it will eventually become a carp.
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    Fiefy, your so nice!
    A carp is vegetarian Pan Fish. A Gold Fish is one of the best known, however once you take them out of the water in just a few hours the start to smell!
    However if you just leave them under the water they don't smell at all!

    I'm back! :<) XXOO

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    A carp is a fish that belongs in your garden....  As fertilizer. Carp make great fertilizer for your garden.

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    Its a oceanic fish, and its very ugly + its color its really drab but it can be domesticated
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    It is not a good fish to eat they are bottom feeders so thats wht they tast like the bottom of nasty lake water they also eat waste from other fish they are like fish tank cleaners gross take my word I have fished my whole life way gross

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