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A dove is a bird that belongs to the same family, Columbidae, as the pigeon.  Because there aren’t any real biological differences between doves and pigeons, the two terms are regularly used interchangeably. Most people use ‘dove’ to refer to smaller birds or pure white birds, but there is little consistency in how each term is applied.

Doves can be found world wide apart from the hot and dry Sahara and the extreme cold and dry of the Arctic and Antarctic.  Most people and cultures are familiar with doves, as a result.  The word ‘dove’ is from the Proto-Germanic word, dubon, which means ‘to dive’ and is a reference to the way these birds fly. 

Some people distinguish doves as having longer tails than other birds in the Coumbidae family and many cite this as the defining physical characteristic between doves and pigeons.  Doves have very plump bodies paired with short legs and beaks and small heads.  Like pigeons, doves come in a range of colours from pale greys to bold reds and yellows.  White doves are considered symbols of peace in many western countries.  Doves have been associated with peace since ancient Greece.  Their image is often used to convey peace, goodwill, and friendship.  The dove plays an important role in the story of Noah and the Ark when it appears bearing an olive branch to tell Noah that the flood is coming to an end.

Doves are often skilled foragers and eat mostly fruit and seeds.  During the mating season, doves will construct a flimsy nest in which to hatch their young.  The female will lay two eggs and both parents will help to care for and hatch the eggs and then raise the young.  All members of the Columbidae family secrete a highly nutritious and rich substance called crop milk (that originates from the crop of the bird) to feed their young for their first few days of life.

Doves are popular pets that are often found in specialty pet stores and through breeders.  These birds have a very distinctive vocalization that is best described as cooing.  Doves use this sound to communicate with other birds in their flock and also as part of a flirting or mating ritual.  Many people enjoy spotting doves in the wild because of their gentle appearance, even in groups.  Doves are also intriguing to watch when they are performing for potential mates.

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Doves are beautiful birds.  They also got incredible stamina.  They got an excellent sense of direction.  Where I live we take them in cages 100's of miles away from home and then let them go and they will always return home.  They never get lost.  In war times Doves were used to deliver secret messages from one point to another point because of their great sense of direction and determination.  The only time they wont deliver a message is if they are dead.
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There are several different meanings; 
A bird from the pigeon family.
A word of endearment for another.
And it could be considered a color,gray tinged with purple,or pink.
Which meaning are you looking for?
It can also be associated with God,whereas he used these particular birds to communicate
with people.
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◄In addition to all of the information provided, I thought you might like to see a picture of a dove.  A dove, in America, symbolizes peace & serenity.  I hope this helps you.  :)
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It is a white bird don't you know that and when you see two of them together it is good luck so there you go.

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