What Is The Fable Of The Bee And The Dove?


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A bee and a dove had often admired each other, though they were unable to communicate. One day the dove was resting in her tree when she noticed the bee, which had fallen into the river below and was struggling to stay afloat. She flew down with a large leaf, which the bee then used as a lifeboat, and used her wings as sails to bring him to the river bank.

The bee was very grateful and hoped he would get a chance to repay the dove's kindness. At last the chance came. The dove was asleep in her tree when a man came and set a trap for her, smearing the branches with sticky bird-lime. The bee buzzed loudly, but she didn't wake. So at last he stung the man in the foot; the man yelled and swore, the noise woke the dove and she flew away. The bee went about his business, happy to think that he had saved the dove's life.

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