My 6 Months Old Kitten Has Swelling Of His Bottom Lip,any Idea?


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Lip swelling in cats can be due to following reasons.

  • Rodent Ulcer: Also called eosinophilic ulcer. This ulcer develops due to irritation caused by allergy leading to eosinophil (A type of white blood cell) to invade the affected area.
  • Allergy: There are 4 types of allergies in cats. These are, inhalation of some chemicals, food allergy, contact allergy and flea. In case of your cat, I think she is having a contact allergy with plastic and now her lips are swollen due to irritation. There is also possibility of flea bite.
  • Cancer
The swollen paw can be due to some sharp object, thorn or also an insect bite. Both conditions require visit to vet for the treatment.

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