The Breeder Said It Was A Slip Mating (no Tie) - How Could Of I Told Whether It Was / Wasnt? What Constitutes A Slip Mating, One Pump (in/out)?


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A slip mating is where the male and female fail to lock, so the male (literally) slips out.  He will still have an erection and be ejaculating.  Pregnancy can still result as the male releases the sperm during the first part of his ejaculation, the later part is nutritious fluid to aid the sperm in swimming.
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Linda Richardson
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Thanks you. Unsure he was actually in. He had issues with angles (my bitch was alot lower than where he was aiming - he is proven) and could not get it in what ever (tried to guide), in the end after two day (one separating) mating attempts ... It was merely a presumed in / out (on day 1) as we were guiding it and the bitch yelped but unsure that it actually went in. It was not for the want of trying to guide them together ... It just did not happen ... We'll c in 30 days !

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