What Do Algae Eaters Eat?


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They are very shy fish they will eat the allergy you have they have very strong mpothes to get it off so don't worry and there is allergy tablets you can buy. They eat shrimp pellets too and they will eat the regular fish food. But the shrimp pellets work bets they love them. Best of luck!!!
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It sounds like you have plecs and these are night feeders so you won't see them feeding you may see more activity from them as they grow and get used to the tank. A good way to see if they are eating is to drop a slice of cucumber in the tank at night and check the cucumber in the morning if the middle is missing they are eating, They will be eating the food that drops to the bottom of the tank and mixes with the gravel. I have a plec myself and at first he was very timid and I didn't see him eating but now I have had him a while I see him eating all the time he also eats cucumber and I need to point out that if your algea eaters are plecs then when they hit maturity if they are the same L number they will start fighting here is a good site for if your problems continue www.aquahobby.com
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Well don't worry about them, they eat just about anything and you may think they don't eat fish food, but if it's sinking they will eat it off the bottom and if you are worried still you can buy food especially for them.
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Algae eateres are sipposto eat algae but if they don't eat the algae you should buy them algae food it is sold in pet stores it looks like a dish. But they might not eat them because algae eateres are not sipposto live with goldfish because goldfish are cold water fish and algae eateres are warm water fish.
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They are things called algae biscuits you can buy them to give your 2 fish they can be used to feed scavengers too.
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I always thought they ate the algae off the glass of the tank. Maybe there's enough algae on the tank for them. Or let your tank get a little more algae on it than you normally would, or when you clean it, leave some of the algae on there.  Hope this helps.
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You can get food for algae eaters at Petsmart. The employees will tell you what you need.
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I am a 10 year old girl with 2 chinese algae eater and I'm worried because they are barely moving all day and don't eat the food I give them and don't be fooled I'm almost twice the size a 10 year old should be and know twice as much so please answer me nicely!:)
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I had a shy one too. It will come out sometime ,it will just take some time.And their are special  food you can give them too. Their called Algae Wafers.They will love them.

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