What Insect Carries Yellow Fever And Malaria?


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Mosquitoes carry the germs of Yellow fever and Malaria, which they infect on human beings. Yellow fever is caused due to the transfer of the disease from the forest monkeys to the humans. The mosquitoes that cause this are Aedes Simpsoni and A. africanus. The symptoms of this disease are high fever, headache, muscle pain and backache. The liver also does not function well and causes the skin to turn yellow; hence the term yellow fever has been given.

In the case of malaria, the parasites are transmitted by the female mosquito, Anopheles. They multiply enormously in the red blood cells giving rise to high temperature, chills and anemia. The death rate caused by malaria is extremely high of about one death per 30secs. 350-500 million people suffer due to this, despite many efforts to reduce this.

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