My Dogs Eyes Started Watering A LOT 2 Or So Weeks Ago. No Staining, The Tears Are Clear. I Am Just Worried Because It Started Out Of The Blue And Its Starting To Be A Lot. What Could Be Going On?


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Thank you! I went to the vet n he thinks it is allergies. He told me to give my dog benadryl twice a day.
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You do not say if your dog is a pedigree or not.   I ask because many specific breeds suffer many inherited eye defects. This does NOT mean that a mongrel does not get eye problems of course but certainly you need to check that if your dog is of a certain breed ,that one of its breed specific diseases is eye problems.    Many pedigree breeds  ,for example ,have abnormal inturned eyelashes which causes great pain.  ,  You need to see your vet.

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