How Can I Calm My Dog Down During The Firework Season?


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If you don't give your dog medications very often like ever except for infection then herbal drops will do the trick. Our 65pd husky gets so stressed out about going to the vet. We got these herbal drops called Richards Organics Calming Drops and we are supposed to give him somewhere between 3-6ml if you go by weight. We only give ours 3/4 to 1ml in a coffee cup of water about 15 mins. Before going to the vet. By the time we get litterally around the corner he is so mellow he could care less that he is at the vet. It is kinda like the silly medicine you get before sugery except it is only herbs. It is formulated for dogs and cats.
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I have a dog that is afraid when he hears the fireworks and thunder and lightning. He shakes, he is so afraid.
I take him in a dark room where he can't hear or see the fireworks or thunder.
As long as I take the time to sit wih him while that is going on he is fine and goes to sleep. The secret is a place they can hide away from light , a bathroom without a window is just fine, a laundry room, make it cozy for him there and that should work. When your not home they know they can go there and be safe.
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I gave my dog a treat every time a firework went off and soon every time she heard one she would just look at me knowing she would get a treat.  After a few minutes of this exercise I only gave her a treat once in a while, and eventually I stopped completely.  By the end of the evening she was hanging out with us outside totally comfortable!  Good luck!
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The best thing to do is contact your veterinarian to discuss
this problem.  Your veterinarian will be
able to prescribe medication to calm your dog during this time of year.  Currently I have been using Xanax with success
for firework phobia or excitation.  This
is prescription only and the dog dose is not the same as the human dose.  

Some of the other behavior modifying drugs take awhile to
build up in the system so if your veterinarian chooses one of these medications
it is best to start your dog on them several weeks before July 4th.

Benadryl can be used as a very mild sedative or for car
trips.  I doubt it will have a strong
enough effect on your dog.  You can try
using it-the dose is 1milligram per pound of body weight.  Your dog's dose is 25 milligram (it comes in
capsules) by mouth three times daily.  Do
not use the Cold and Sinus variety. 
Again starting before the fireworks have started and your dog is riled
up will increase the chance of success!
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My german shepherd hates fireworks, storms, etc.  I take her into the smallest room in the house and sit with her.  I talk to her and assure her things are ok.  We stay there til things quiet down and she is calm.  I prefer this to meds.  Good luck.
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My dog gets scared from fire works too. What I do is keep my dog safe in the house and keep him in my room all night. I make him up a little bed on the floor and pet him until he is sound asleep and knows it is safe.
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I just got some of this for my pom/ lhasa mix because he has been a only dog for about 6 years and now my oldest son has three purebred pom pups (11 weeks to 5 months old) he brings over and it stresses my oldest furchild out to the point that even I can't get near him without him snapping at my hand.

Now with Christmas here and we will have a house full of humans plus these three puppies...I think we will be needing something to chill my oldest pup out.

I was wondering how long it took for the calming effects took hold and you answered my questions.

Thank you
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Really there's no possible way all dogs are very scared of fireworks unless you train your dog very well and get him use to them you may get a bark every now and then lol
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Hold him down and give him a treat that take him a while to eat-like a bone- and once hes calmer just sit with him until the fireworks are over
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Put a bed sheet over the dining room table shut the curtains and put her bed under the table.don't make a fuss this makes them more  nervouse just leave thEm in A ROOM
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Give him/her a tret and if its a lap dog hold her/him I got to do the same with mi dog... And turn up da music and drown out da nosiy!! It works 4 me!! *_*
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Dogs often get very distressed during the firework season and it is obviously impossible to explain to them that it will pass and peace willl soon be restored. To them it must feel like they are living in a war zone and stress is inevitable.
Try to walk your dog in daylight as much as possible, so that the fireworks are not going off whilst s/he is out.
Try to make sure that you are in at night, so that you can comfort the dog, also make sure that you have a TV or radio or music on, to try to drown out the noise a little.
You can buy 'calming' pills from pet shops, but these are not very strong, so if your dog is mildly stressed then they would be fine, but if it is very stressed, you may be best asking your vet for some sedatives.
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Try to keep your dog in a comfortable little room and try to keep him/her relaxed by gently stroking it and telling it will be okay
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When my dog goes crazy I make him chase me and go crazy so rile him up then when he stops running I give him a treat and brush him
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All dogs are scared of loud noises, you shouldn't bring them out. Keep your dog indoors and make sure all the windows and doors are shut so your dog can't hear it as much
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Get a light setative from the vet and before any fireworks holiday give half to 45 mins before
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My dog goes nuts when the fireworks  go off! Ive had him eleven years and every year he barks and yaps at the fireworks, but this always calms him down:
I call his name and have a bag of treats in my hand. I take one out and hold it in the air. He runs over to me and jumps up in the air, snatching the treat. He then takes it to his basket and enjoys it. I throw him another one, and he doesnt make a single noise.
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All dogs are afraid of loud noises even my dog. Like thunder,and fireworks may worry them so it is not a big deal.just pet it to calm it down.

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